Sick of not getting stuff done?

So are we!

Founded in 2017, More Than Sound exists to give you the push and the accountability you need to take your creativity to the next level.


Work with others, develop your ideas, explore new possibilities and in the end walk away with a finished song, new friends and a sense of achievement.

Heard of a game jam or a hackathon? It's that but with recorded music.





  • Jump into a team and share ideas, learn from one another and have a massive laugh. At More Than Sound you'll meet songwriters, musicians, audio engineers and others.

  • People like you and people different to you, but everyone coming together through music.


  • Explore your ideas and the ideas of others in your team and begin to refine the raw, unscripted, unrehearsed ideas into a cohesive piece.


  • The restrictions of time and resources allow your creativity to shine.


  • Lay down the parts and glue the pieces together to create a finished piece of music with a beginning, a middle, and an end.


  • Create that sense of achievement, create friendships, and create art.




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Felix and Jen from Music Broth explain how they met at More Than Sound and developed the idea for Scotland's first musical instrument library


Join us for an interview and a live session with singer/songwriter and More Than Sound attendee, Matt Roddy.


A chat with Lise Mitchell Noble on using the voice to work with others.


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Meet the team

Andrew Graham

Founder, Status quo breaker

Andrew started More Than Sound in 2017 to break the monotony of standard music networking events. In addition to setting the vision for MTS, he also records and mixes the latest musical talents.

Andrew holds a first class degree in Audio Technology from Glasgow Caledonian University and a post grad from the university of Stavanger.

Chris Ho

Visual Craftsman

Chris is responsible for everything you see related to More Than Sound; he designs all the digital and printed graphics, and is constantly developing the next visual strategy to make MTS stand out from the crowd.

Chris graduated in Architecture from the Glasgow School of Art with an award for the best artwork in his year.

Colum Innes

People Specialist

Colum leads the way in spreading the word about More Than Sound to music creatives. Years of management experience in the customer service industry have honed his people skills and ability to read the room. An expert in engaging people whether through social media or well constructed video content, he is a definite people pleaser.

Colum holds an honours degree in Audio Technology from Glasgow Caledonian University.

Michael McGill

Numbers Wizard

Michael  understands the competitive commercial environment and knows what drives it. Having experience engaging with large corporate sponsors such as GSK, PWC, and HSBC, he works hard to ensure More Than Sound continues to grow and thrive within the music market.

Michael has a degree in Marketing and Economics from the University of Strathclyde Business School.